About the Project

Herolab is funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering and delivered by the University of Central Lancashire.

Herolab aims to showcase cutting-edge engineering research, and to demonstrate the breadth and depth of engineering in the UK. Through the HeroLab comic, you will find out about some of the latest research, and see how that could be used to create superheroes and supervillains. All the research featured is really taking place, but we have taken a creative licence in imagining what it may lead to in the future!

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Final call for Entries- and where to send them


Keep sending your entries- the deadline is tomorrow!


Mailing address is


The Herolab

Greenbank 012; Public Engagement Unit

UCLan, Preston, PR1 2HE


Or email to engageuclan@uclan.ac.uk

Teachers Love HeroLab too!


This week we’ve been having a great time looking through some of our latest brilliant entries for the Design Your Own Superhero or Supervillain competition. There have been some amazing ideas and we have been really impressed by the creativity and imagination of our entrants. Also some of the art work has been really outstanding, there must be some future comic book artists out there!

Along with all this we have also had a lovely letter from Mr Leather at St Teresa’s Primary School in St Helens, whose Year 6 class sent in some fantastic entries. Mr Leather writes;

“The children were very enthusiastic about the superhero theme and it made discussion of the science even more appealing. Thanks for running the scheme – the comic strip and science concept is great – staff enjoyed reading it to!

So did we!

A Mecha-Man Message



I don’t think we have formally introduced, I know you all have been reading about the Tech Wave that has appeared.  My name is Matt Dickinson, I am a lecturer at the  University of Central Lancashire, I lead a course called “Computer Aided Engineering”.  The best way I can describe this is if “Tony Stark was to come to the University he would probably do this degree”.  My main area of research is racing engines; I try and make engines less harmful to the environment.

Some of you may have seen my show “The Science Of Super Heroes” where I try to show how in science, technology, engineering and mathematics that their super hero powers are not toO far from the every day world.

The doctors told me as a young boy that I have dyslexia.  This made me think that I was not as good as the rest, gosh was I wrong…

So now that you have had a brief introduction to who I am let me tell you about what my plans are.  As you will be aware I am now known as Mecha-Man.

A Message from Mecha-Man


I just wanted to say the heroes that you all have been creating to help me fight the evil Doktor Darkness are excellent- well done.  Some of the heroes I have seen so far have been really thought about.  Some of you may have seen my show the “Science of super hero’s”, the winning heroes will not just appear in the comic book, but they will also appear in my new show “Mecha-man’s super hero science” where we will not just look at Spiderman or wolverine and more, we will also look at the science of the Herolab characters.

Also keep an eye on the herolab for all new science experiments that will appear in the new show.

So all you heroes and heroines out there if you have a great idea of a design,

Dont forget we need YOU!!!

Thanks again people, and keep up the good work



A Wonderful HeroLab Testimonial


The entries in the HeroLab Design Your Own Superhero or Supervillain competition are coming in thick and fast now, and we’re absolutely loving seeing all of the fantastic ideas that you have.

Just a selection of some of the grest superpowers that have been dreamt up include: the ability to produce environmentally friendly high powered energy balls to help defeat the evil Doktor Darkness, the ability to breathe underwater, the superhero being able to shoot snakes out of their mouth, the ability to form psychic platforms to stand on which move like surfboards, cyborg laser eyes, werewolf legs, villain-capturing twirly hair… the list goes on!

It’s obvious that we love HeroLab and we think that you do too, but just the other day we recieved proof that even your teachers do too! Mr Gates from St Andrew’s and St Mark’s CE Junior School in Surbiton wrote to us to say,

“I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you  for creating such a brilliant comic! Our children hugely enjoyed reading it and it sparked a lively debate about many aspects of science – thank you for inspiring my pupils!”

We’re glad you are enojying it as much as we are!